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October 1: dress - Gap, sweater - Old Navy, jewelry - Lia Sophia, shoes - Me Too.

This dress was such a NSV for me. It was the first time in a long time that I bought a size medium dress and I bought it in NYC.


- Blogs of Fall - 

Each day in October, I am going to feature one outstanding blog as my blogs of fall. This list will include some of my long time favorites, and some new finds, some larger than life blogs and some smaller gems. If you would like to be considered for this list, see this post.

Without any further nonsense, here is my first blog of fall, Erikawastaken!!

Good morning!

This blog is a great example of my favorite kind of blog!

Lots of fitness posts and lots of posts that show what she is working on and who she is. This is an outstanding personal fitness blog! (And an awesome person too.) :) 

Check out her blog and follow? 

Who will be next on my blogs of fall list? Check back tomorrow and see! :) If you would like to be considered for this list, see this post.

Ohmygosh! Thank you :) I absolutely find fatmaninalittlesuit to be such an amazing source of inspiration!

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Basically I think the message of this is stay the fuck out of the midwest.

Shit. I live in the Midwest.

Midwest is the fun region

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You got this peeps!

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